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Organizing the Chaos


I am not the most organized person on the planet. If I were, my closet would look like this and not what it really looks like. In order for a family this large to run smoothly you must have at least a little bit of structure and organization. Otherwise it will be a circus. For real. Our home life is very structured and we have lots of routines and schedules at our house. Partly because if we don’t there would be perpetual arguing, which we have enough of already thank you very much. Also because a couple of the kids function better if they have reminders and daily routines. Gary may argue it’s because I’m OCD and a little kooky. I think it’s a combination of all of it. Well, except for the ‘ocd-kooky’ part maybe. Every body knows that if you have organization and a routine things run a lot more smoothly. We have several systems in place to help with bath time, bed time, dinner time and xBox time. Unfortunately the schedules and routines do not guarantee complete peace and harmony. But at least they keep the kids from killing each other.

I think we’re fairly organized but I would love to be more organized. I just don’t have the time or the money to do it. I have lots of big plans though. I’m slowly working on different areas of the house and hopefully one day I will have a basket and shelf for everything!! A couple of areas that I already have nice and organized are the laundry room, the refrigerator, the pantries and homework room. I’ll talk all about laundry, how we organize it and how much of it we do, another day. It’ll surprise you I bet! The pantries and refrigerator don’t have baskets and such [yet] but they are organized. I have everything sorted by like items. One pantry has all canned goods, dry goods and baking goods. Each having their own shelves. The other pantry has the kids snacks, cereals, breads and chips, tea and sugar. It also houses mine and Gary’s lunch boxes, a ‘junk’ box, trash bags, and paper towels and napkins. The refrigerator is organized the same way. Like items together. And just like in the pantries everything has its own assigned spot. So when you put it back in the fridge it goes right back where you took it from. None of that “just stick it anywhere”. Oh no…not in my fridge. If it stays in the same spot you won’t have to search for it the next time you want it. And you know when you’re out too. I’m a genius. PS…if you want me to organize your refrigerator I would love too!! The homework room has five hooks on the wall, each labeled with a child’s name, for book bags and jackets. We have a Rubbermaid 4 drawer cart for supplies. Each drawer is labeled with the contents that are in the drawer. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love labels. I think it’s a residual teacher attribute that hasn’t worn off yet. As is my love of sharpies. Wait, I just love sharpies. That has nothing to do with teaching. And the cutest thing in the homework room is the ‘accomplishment rope’ we have hung on the wall. It ever so slightly droops and has old fashioned clothes pins on it to hang the kids’ artwork, awards and other cute things. I love it!!

I’m not an expert on organization but I do what works for us. If I had the money I would so have somebody come do it for me. But that’s not gonna happen. I’d rather spend my money on something else. Like a new wardrobe, ten pairs of Danskos and a boat. Organization is not the key to happiness but I have found from experience, and heard from the experts, that clutter causes stress and anxiety. A clean, organized home is just peaceful. I absolutely love to have a clean house. Getting it clean is another story. And post.