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Poop and other conversations I have with my kids


I could write a book about the crazy stuff my kids say. Seriously, I am not kidding. I honestly don’t know where they come up with half of it. And they certainly aren’t bashful about anything. Our poor, poor friends and family. Thankfully they are all good sports and think it’s as funny as we do.

Here are a few gems from Paige~

“Mom, that lady is asleep in her car. Or either dead” {me- “oh my”} “Well, she’s old.”

“Mom, have you ever thought your poop was gonna be really long but it was only this big {gesturing with fingers}?”

And here’s one I overheard from the next room one day~

“Let’s play hide and seek. Our parents’ room is off limits, Chalon’s room is off limits, the bathrooms are off limits and you have to stay upstairs.”

Hmmm…that doesn’t leave a lot of options now does it?

And here are Paige’s thoughts on cartoon characters and their wardrobe, or lack thereof~

The Grinch-“Now all I need is a reindeer.” Paige-“And some pants.”

This one proves that no matter how much we try to shield kids from things they always figure it out. We were over at our best friends house and he was very particular, and sneaky, about smoking out on the deck and away from the kids. He walked back in and Matt announces in a very matter of factly manner~

“I smell smoe-king.”

Well, so much for hiding.

Our kids are the best form of entertainment. And free too! Ok, maybe not free in the long run but you know what I mean. I have to make sure I get a note pad or learn how to use that recording feature on my phone. I’m gonna write that book one day and make back all the money our kids drained out of us.