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God put us right where He wanted us


I hate moving. Who doesn’t right? Well, those two guys in that truck might not but… I think they are the only ones. This time though, I was super excited about it. Not the work mind you but I could not wait to get into our new house. Our house. The one we got together. The story about how we got our house is definitely worth telling. It has God’s fingerprints all over it.

Gary and I had talked about getting married. There was never a question of ‘if’, only ‘when’. But there was no way that the eight of us were going to fit in Gary’s 1100 square foot, three bedroom rental. Me and my three were living with my parents in their modest sized three bedroom house so Gary and the boys coming to live with us was out of the question too. I can just imagine my parents’ reaction. Ha! Before getting married became a reality we had to find a new home that was suitable for a large family. We poked around on the internet a little but it was actually kind of overwhelming and we didn’t really know where to start. The house hunt became more of a time killer and not a serious inquisition.

Until the day Gary got a call from his sister. She told him that Natalie, her best friend who happened to be the Realtor for the neighborhood, found a house for us. Funny thing is, I had no idea who Natalie was. I didn’t even know this woman existed yet she was looking for a house for me. My mind was blown. But thankfully Gary did know her so he gave her a call and we checked the house out. She was right!! It was perfect for us~ two story, 5 bedroom, 4 bath, loft/living area upstairs, almost 3000 sq feet, three car garage. Kudos to the-women-I’d-never-met! I [we] fell in love with the house. We loved the floor plan. We loved the colors they had painted the walls. We loved the backyard. I tried so hard not to think about it and not get attached to it. We met the owners and they are the nicest people. It was just the two of them, and their cat and dog, living in that huge house! They had just bought it not even three months earlier and then received orders to go to Texas (he’s military, people aren’t just forcing other people to pack up and move against their will). They were sad about having to leave but also happy that Natalie had found someone so quickly to [possibly] take the house. They were also genuinely excited for us to find such a fitting house for our soon-to-be family. We had to wait to find out all the details, such as the amount of rent. That was pretty important. We sat down and went over our finances. We looked at our bills and figured out what they would be as a couple and how much we could afford together as rent. We came up with a number and decided that was the most we would be able to pay. If the rent ended up being less, then great, but it couldn’t be a penny more.

All my attempts to not think about it were in vain. All I could do was pray. I knew it wasn’t about what I wanted it was what His plan was for us. But oh my goodness did I want that house. That meant we could get married soon. It meant we could really be a family and not just a ‘part time’ one. I worded my prayers so that God knew I wanted His will for us but that He also knew I was begging Him for this house. What?? It wasn’t going to hurt to just flat our ask for it! Well, the prayers paid off. Rent was exactly the amount we had come up with. I was beyond thrilled!! Gary’s lease was up at the other house at the same time the new house was ready for us. Things were just falling right into place. Coincidence? I think not! It was as if God was showing us exactly what He wanted us to do. And somewhere in the middle of all of this Gary surprised me with the most romantic and sweet proposal!! We were planning a wedding (in only 4 months, EEK!) and a move. I didn’t know this level of happiness even existed.