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In Hot Water…..Ok, Maybe Lukewarm


All I gotta say is thank goodness our kids are self-sufficient enough to take their own baths now. If they were toddlers again we would have two infants, a two, a three and a four-year old. I would be bathing kids for 3 hours and have raisins for fingers every night. That makes me tired just thinking about it. Just because the kids are older doesn’t necessarily mean they are bathing well but at least I don’t have to do it.

So how do we do it you ask? Scheduled bath times of course. The girls share a standard bathroom and the three boys share a bathroom with a double sink. The girls take turns being first for an entire week. This week for example Paige is first. She takes her shower, cleans up her mess [is supposed to anyway] and then let’s Emma know that its her turn to get in. The boys do the same except instead of two it’s three. This week Cullen is first. He showers, cleans up, then let’s Matt know it’s his turn. Matt showers, cleans up and then let’s Chalon know it’s his turn. The next week Cullen goes to the ‘end of the line’ so to speak and Matt and Chalon move up in the line. So next week the order is Matt, Chalon then Cullen. The week after that will be Chalon, Cullen then Matt. With this system there’s no whiny declarations of “But I was first last night.” and the like. Yes….we do run out of hot water occasionally but not as often as you think. Obviously that happens mostly in the winter. But we have a solution for that. It gets darker sooner in the winter so the kids are inside earlier. We start baths earlier in the winter to build in time between baths to let the water heat back up. Problem solved! I’m a genius. Also, if they don’t go outside and get all smelly, you know that distinct ‘kid’ smell, we let them skip baths. What? You know you let your kids skip baths too sometimes. Don’t get all judge-y all of a sudden! Besides that’s only in the winter. They are way too ripe smellin’ in the summer to skip baths. Unless we go swimming. Again…you know you let the pool substitute for a bath sometimes so wipe that look off your face. We all know chlorine kills germs!

Another question/comment we get a lot is “Y’all’s water and electricity bills must be outrageous!”. Actually no. We see the same patterns with the change in seasons just like every body else does. We did have one month each summer that the water bill was insanely high. We could not figure out what was causing it. Then one day we found the spigot on the side of the house open and water just pouring out. The kids in the cul-da-sac had been having a water gun fight and were using our water to fill their guns up. And no one bothered to turn it OFF!!!! Who knows how long it had been running. We’re guessing over night. That’s the only problem we’ve had with water and it wasn’t even our kids fault. The gas and electric fluctuates as well. Actually for a while our electric bill was less than my parents who have a smaller house and only the two of them. Dad was less than pleased. One way we save on the electric bill is we took all the kids light bulbs out of their rooms and gave them candles and flashlights. Just kidding. Batteries cost too much so they only have candles. And I make them dip their own candles. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. We did take out their light bulbs though and replaced them with the energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. It makes a difference you should try it. Or make your own candles. Whatever works for you.