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A truck, some friends and a lot of sweat


Moving into a new place is never a truly fun experience. Especially when it’s a thousand degrees outside. But this time wasn’t so bad. We had everything planned out, the truck reserved and friends on stand by. It was the smoothest, most uneventful move I think I’ve ever had.

This is all we got out of them. They were done.

When Gary and I returned from our honeymoon his mom and oldest son had almost everything in the house packed up. That was helpful! We were able to pick up the key to the new house a day early so we decided to take as much small stuff as we could. That way the big moving day would be just that. One day. Luckily Gary’s house is in the same neighborhood as the new house. Just down the street actually. So we would load the cars up, drive 5 blocks and unload the cars. The kids were so excited about the new house they wanted to stay that night. The only problem was we didn’t have any furniture in the new house. That was all to be moved the next day after we pick up the truck and all our friends. I was really hoping to spend our very first night in the house all together as a family. My kids were at their dad’s house for the week and wouldn’t be home until Friday or Saturday. Well, I was the only one holding on to the sentimental idea so I was out numbered. We went ahead and hauled the mattresses over and slept on the floor. It turned out pretty fun actually. Except for waking up with a huge centipede thing crawling up my arm in the middle of the night. Oh my gosh…I get the shivers just thinking about it. It got flung somewhere towards the kitchen but apparently not far enough, since Gary woke to the same experience a little later. Which I found quite amusing! The next day we got all the furniture into the house after two trips. One from Gary’s house and one from my parents’ house. Then we worked our butts off for days and days to get everything settled. Thankfully I don’t work in the summer so I had time during the day to work on the house instead of only the evenings and weekends.

Can't. Take. The. Mess.

The kitchen was the first room unpacked. One reason was I couldn’t stand the mess and the second reason is this family loves to eat. And you can’t cook and eat with all the stuff you need to cook and eat packed up in boxes. I tackled one room at a time. And slowly but surely the house started coming together! It was becoming our home and it was beautiful!!! And comfortable. For the last year and half all our time spent together, which was all the time, was spent in Gary’s small house. Eight people squeezed into 1100 square feet. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. But having 3000 square feet to spread out in was better awesome!! We had elbow room now. Everyone had their own space.

The kids transitioned almost seamlessly. We literally were together all the time before getting married so it wasn’t that different. We were just in one house now instead of two and didn’t have to say good-bye every night. I can remember telling the kids one day that we were going home and someone said “Which ‘home’? Home-home or Gary’s home?”. So it was really nice to just have one home instead of two.
I think it also helped that we began parenting the kids together. We didn’t get married, move into the house and say “I’m your step parent now. DO AS I SAY!!”. The kids already knew we expected them to

Now this is more like it!

listen to both us. A lot of the time we even handled discipline problems together as well so by the time we moved into the new house as a new blended family the kids were already accustomed to having a step parent. I understand that moving to a new home in a new neighborhood is a tough transition for all kids, even ones with a traditional family. So we still helped the kids along. We always made sure to keep them well informed and that they knew and understood our expectations. Some rules were the same, some were new. But they knew them all!

As much as I hate moving in the heat of the summer I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had more time to unpack and arrange the house and I’m very thankful the kids didn’t have to adjust to a new house and a new school at the same time. Not to mention that I didn’t have to adjust to all that too!!