Hi! My name is Alecia. That’s uh-lee-sha…try it. There ya go, like Felicia but with an Uh- and not a Fuh-. I was born and raised in a small town in South Carolina and have lived here all my life. Except for the few years I was forced against my will lived in Colorado while my dad was in the military. I attended a private all girls college and earned my degree in early childhood education. I only used that degree for 9 years and decided I’d had enough of that. I now work at a high school in the athletic department and get to be a stay at home mom during holidays and the summer. Sweet gig, huh! I’m now married to the man of my dreams and between us we have six kids. You can close your mouth now before flies have babies in there. Yes, we have six kids. He has custody of his three boys and I have my three kids (two girls and one boy…yeah, yeah I know. if Matt had only been a girl, Brady Bunch blah blah blah). We actually only have 5 living in the house with us since the oldest decided to venture out into the world on his own. The kids are a source of constant entertainment. And sheer agony some days. I have to be honest, our 13 year old girl makes me want to poke my eyes out with a hot iron most days. The pain has to be more pleasant. From the moment Gary and I started dating the ‘words of unsolicited advice’ started flowing. “That’s a lot of kids. Are you sure you can handle it?” “A second marriage is hard enough. Then you add kids in there and it’s doomed. DOOMED I SAY” Ok that last one may be a little more dramatic than how it actually happened. Luckily we didn’t listen to any of it. We were married in the summer of 2010 and found the perfect house that fits us like a glove. And our life is rainbows and butterflies everyday. Ok, maybe not everyday. Blending a family is difficult. Especially one of this size. But somehow with a close relationship with God anything is possible and I know we can do it!!

Just so you know……

1. I can be fairly random.
2. I’m 37 years old. But can and will turn into a giggling 12-year-old when something inappropriate is said.
3. I love old school video games and air hockey!
4. Gary and I were married 1 year and 7 months ago. And I’m looking forward to the rest of our lives!
5. We have lots of schedules and routines in place in our home.
6. Our kids are 7th grade, 6th grade, 5th grade, and two 3rd graders. Our oldest is 18.
7. I prefer the term “bonus mom” over “step mom”.
8. Gary and I strive for a biblical marriage and household.
9. Our 13-year-old daughter is making me second guess my decision to have children. I seriously was never this difficult! Just ask my mother. Wait…on second thought ask my grandmother.
10. I’m really excited about this blog and sharing my experiences with everyone. And I am so thankful to have a husband who is so very supportive.


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