We’re a blended family of seven. Two adults and five kids. Well, actually six kids but the oldest decided to spread his wings and flew the coop. We’re pretty much like The Brady Bunch. Instead of “three very lovely girls” I have two very lovely girls and a handsome little man. None of which have hair of gold like their mother. Actually, their mother doesn’t even have hair of gold anymore. It’s more like ‘mousy dirty blonde.’ I digress. We’re a regular, real family. We do everything just like everybody else just with more people. As you can imagine our life can be pretty chaotic at times. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome and I love it!! But there are challenges. When you throw two adults and five kids, all with their own personalities, quirks and issues, into the same house chaos ensues. But so does hilarity. The purpose of this blog is to just share the experiences we have as a blended family. The good, the bad and the ugly. And the really fun. I hope to give some insight to everyone who says they don’t know how we do it. Sometimes I’m not even sure we know how we do it. We just do. I hope you get a good laugh, maybe even be inspired. Cry with us. Laugh with us. Just don’t laugh at us.


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