A Baby, a Cold, and New Furniture


I would like to apologize to my millions of fans and followers….wait, I don’t have millions of fans and followers. Ok, so I’d like to apologize to my two friends, my husband, and my parents for my absence and lack of ability to get anything posted for the last two weeks. In my defense, it’s been a crazy two weeks. And someone needs to invent a handy little gadget that can convert my thoughts to text while I’m driving, laying in bed sick or cooking. On second thought that may not be a great idea.

Last week was mid-winter break for me and the kids. I’m not sure why we got it but I’m glad we did because, quite honestly, I don’t like to work. Ok, I dont’ mind work. I really love my job actually. But who wouldn’t rather be home? Anyway, since I was off I was able to help out our best friends by watching their little one for a few days. He’s one year and one month old and the cutest thing in the world. He was so entertaining! And best of all I had an excuse to watch Blues Clues and The Backyardigans again!! One of those nights their daughter Bug (yes, we really call her that) spent the night with us and we all went to the zoo the next day! I took 7 kids to the zoo by myself. Call me crazy! My niece (she’s actually my ex’s niece but I love her and I’m still claiming her) went with us but she had two of her own ages 3 and 1 so I was still on my own with my 7. It worked out great though. Tank (yes, we really call him that and there’s a reason for it) was contained in the stroller the majority of the time and Bug was attached to Emma the entire time. The other’s are old enough and fairly easy to keep track of. If I ever do ‘lose’ anyone it’s almost always Matt and it’s usually for only a few minutes. So I was good. This trip was very successful though! No one was lost, a great time was had by all, everybody was happy, one took a long nap and everyone else was too tired to fight when we got home! SCORE!

Last week wasn’t so fun. I was sick all week with a sinus and ear infection. I know it’s bad when Gary looks at me and says “You don’t look so good. Kinda like death. But warmed over.” Yeah, it was that bad. My house didn’t get cleaned and I didn’t care. Which is huge. I went to work all week. At least I think I did. I’m hoping I didn’t screw anything up too bad. I do remember getting aggravated and a little offended because people kept coming in my office asking me how I felt and then saying “…because you look horrible.” Well, thank you. Then why did you ask? I mean really people?

I finally started feeling better on Friday. Just in time for the weekend baby!!! Yeah, a weekend full of work. We’re getting new furniture on Wednesday. So crazy excited I can’t stand it! Our first furniture purchase together. My first ever! I’ve always had hand-me-downs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m all about free [or cheap] stuff. But this is furniture that I actually chose myself! Specifically for me and my house. Anyway, the living room needed a few small improvements. So after a weekend of spackling, sanding, painting, grocery shopping at ten o’clock at night, moving furniture and shampooing carpets, the living room is now ready for the new furniture. That won’t be here for three days.

So hopefully I now have everyone’s sympathy and I’m forgiven for being slack unable to post for the last two weeks. If I don’t post anything for another two weeks it will be the furniture’s fault for being so pretty to look at and too comfortable to get off of. Just sayin’.


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